Morning Foot Care Routine

| Da Vinci Foot and AnkleMorning Routine

If you experience foot pain before you ever even get out of bed, there is a good chance you need to incorporate this “Morning Foot Care” routine into your daily doings. Morning foot pain can be caused by many conditions from tight ligaments/muscles to severe plantar fasciitis or even simply just plain old inflammation. Standing […]

Vein Solution- Laser Treatment for Unsightly Veins

| Da Vinci Foot and AnkleLeg Veins

Tired of trying to hide those pesky leg veins? We’ve got a quick and painless solution for you. Enjoy wearing your shorts and skirts this summer! Spider Veins are the most common type of visible vein. Spider veins are really tiny veins that are in the outer layer of skin close to the surface, so […]

Ingrown Toenail Causes and Treatment

| Ingrown Toenails

It’s incredible how much a tiny paper cut can put us in a world of pain in seconds. An ingrown toenail is even worse! As tiny as it is, it can hurt all the way up to our head. An ingrown toenail happens when the corner of the affected toenail begins growing into the soft […]

Stop Hiding Your Feet and Learn About KeryFlex

| Da Vinci Foot and Ankle

Summer time will be here before you know it, stop hiding your feet and learn about KeryFlex !  For some of us warmer temperatures magnify the insecurities we have about our toenails. From discoloration to damage from fungus, KeryFlex can bring your toenails back to life! Let this be the last summer you worry about hiding your […]

Tony Finau’s Celebration Nightmare

| Ankle InjuryDa Vinci Foot and Ankle

Disclaimer: Below are some minimally graphic photos of the Tony Finau injury and a video showing ankle dislocation. “What a week ?! I birdied 6 of my last 7 holes to get in the Top 10 in my @themasters debut” Hole in one ?? Failed Celebration ?? Adversity ?? First round 68 ?? Final round […]

Dry, Cracked Feet? Here are Solutions!

| Da Vinci Foot and AnkleDry Skin

Having dry skin is one thing, but when dry skin turns into flaking, peeling, and even painful cracking you’ve got a problem on your hands (or should we say feet). While there are many causes of deeply dry skin, including genetics, age, and health conditions like eczema and diabetes, the result is the same for […]

Brooks Running Shoes

| Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Running Shoes Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is honored to partner with Brooks Running Shoes. As many of you know, we take great pride in the products we offer and settle for nothing but the best for our patients. Your comfort is important to us, however, we consider your body’s longevity and agility our […]

Surgeons of Service: Who We Are and What We Do

| Surgeons of Service

ABOUT US After participating in various mission trips throughout Central America and the Caribbean, Dr. Allison Menke and Dr. Christopher Menke (a brother-sister team) realized there is a great need that stretches far beyond the office doors. In order to expand service, they formed Surgeons of Service to give back not only abroad, but to local communities […]