• I am amazed at how easy the post-op has been and how little pain I have experienced. I would recommend St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital and I have already recommended Da Vinci Foot and Ankle to friends and family. Great Job!

    Nancy Tkaczuk

  • I came to Da Vinci Foot and Ankle to address a large bunion on my left foot. I was planning a long hiking trip and needed my feet in good shape. After Dr. Allison evaluated my feet she recommended a change in orthotics. I already had a pair of custom orthotics, so I was a little skeptical, but upon trying my new custom orthotics that she had ordered me for a few weeks; I was convinced it was the best move.

    Last August I completed 221 miles carrying a 45 lb. backpack on the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra’s. The only part of my body that did not hurt were my feet! Thank you so much Dr. Allison.

    David Lefevre

  • Office staff is very friendly and helpful. Surgical Coordinator was great with working through some issues I was having with my insurance company. First Rate Service!

    Audrey Young

  • Thank you so much for getting me in for an appointment promptly.  Your entire office staff were kind and attentive.  I wish all medical professions could take lessons from y’all.
    Have a very Merry Christmas
    Thanks again – Bubba


  • I had been needing to see a podiatrist for a while for my painful feet. I did my research, wanting a doctor close to my home. I found Dr. Chris and Dr. Allison online, and shortly after received a flyer in my hometown newspaper. From the moment I made that first phone call, I knew this was the right place for me to be. I had an appointment within 24 hours. Dr. Allison did an exam, explained all of my options in terms I could understand, and together, we decided surgery was my best option. Dr. Chris did my surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital. I had read and heard all the horror stories about how I would regret this surgery due to the pain. I have had almost no pain with this surgery. Although I am still healing, I believe I will be very pleased with my results in the long run. Dr. Chris has answered all of my questions, and has taken all of my concerns about my recovery seriously. My entire experience, from the office staff at both the Thomson and Lake Oconee offices, to the pre-op at St. Mary’s Hospital, and my care after surgery with Dr. Chris has been amazing.

    Leigh Aycock

  • Da Vinci Foot and Ankle are by far the best orthopedics in the area! I had a horrific experience …my ankle was broken in three places, 2 surgeries and 12 days in the hospital, well almost two years later, I discovered that it was still broken in the same three places! The first doctor would not accept responsibility, although he confirmed that yes, it was still broken!!! My regular Dr. referred me to Da Vinci Foot and Ankle and from the moment I walked in the door, I knew that I was in the right hands, I felt immensely comfortable… Right now, I’m two months out of surgery and I have my quality of life back! Dr. Chris and Dr. Allison are fabulous and they performed my surgery at St. Mary’s right here in Greensboro!!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience with Da Vinci Foot and Ankle!!! They are the best!!! 🙂

    Pamela Lanier

  • Great experience! Doctors are very knowledgeable and thorough. I came in with severe pain in my right foot and Dr. Menke helped ease the pain with the MLS laser and a boot. The staff is lovely the office is beautiful and truly offers a superior level of service. I can’t wait to start my hair laser removal treatments, what pleasant surprise to know that they offer this extra service!

    Kelly Littleton

  • I’ve always worked in retail so I’m constantly on my feet and after a lot of pain, I reached out to Da ‘ Vinci. From the moment I spoke with the party on the other end I could tell she was a caring person, her name is Patricia. She is so caring and compassionate and did everything she could to get me an appointment as quickly as possible. When I got to the office ,which by the way is not hard to get to, I was greeted with smiles and how may we help you. The wait time was awesome approximately 5 minutes maybe less….. really! When they called me to the back I I did my x-ray and was put into a room,2 minutes later the doctor appeared. Dr. Chris Menke introduced himself ,very professional very courteous, and very knowledgeable. Chris and his sister Allison are great people I highly recommend if you have problems with your feet and ankles these people are the best. I’ve had two surgeries and I’m doing great, and the hospital OMG!!!!!!!!!!! St.Mary’s I only have 1 word IMPECCABLE!!!!! Please if you have pain in your feet and you’re tired of being in pain go see Chris and Allison they are the best!!! ??????????????? I can wear shoes again I love it!!!!!!!

    Amanda Walker

  • After years of foot pain, surgeries and overall discomfort, I am pleased to have found Da Vinci Foot and Ankle! I am thrilled at the level of care, the professionalism and the relatability of all those involved. From Drs. Allison and Chris to the folks in the offices in both Greensboro and Thomson to the folks at St. Mary’s Samaritan Hospital, it has been a great experience I wholeheartedly recommend them! You will be glad you checked them out!

    Rebecca R. Weimar

  • I spent my entire career as a vascular surgeon at a major medical center in Cleveland, Ohio, so I had certain expectations about finding similar high-quality care when I developed a painful foot problem while at our recreational home here in Georgia. I discovered Da Vinci Foot and Ankle during my Internet search and was immediately impressed by the academic backgrounds of its founders, Drs. Allison and Christopher Menke. With the help of her receptionist, I was given an expedited appointment with Allison, who completely resolved my problem in a single visit. I know professional excellence when I see it, and that is exactly what I found at Da Vinci Foot and Ankle – plus, Allison and her cordial staff could not have been nicer while providing it.

    Norman R. Hertzer, MD

  • I’ve struggled with foot pain for a while now. Dr. Chris immediately recognized my problem and was able to help get me back on my feet. Dr. Allison was also great. She was wonderful with her Vionic Shoe recommendations!

    Great experience, outstanding doctors, exceptional level of service. Love my Vionic shoes, so comfortable! I highly recommend this brother/sister team if If you have any foot/ankle issues!!!

    Abby Snider

  • Today was my first visit to see Dr. Allison Menke-Stinson at the new office in Greensboro, Da Vinci Foot and Ankle. The staff was friendly and professional. I had a toe nail that had been ran over by a heavy object, it was black and blue and had become very painful. Going into the office I was sure I would lose the toe nail. Within 30 minutes. Dr. Menke-Stinson had the nail cleaned up and pain free. I will be ready for flip flops soon. Thanks Dr. Allison Menke-Stinson.

    Ann Hale Smith

  • Dr. Chris Menke is awesome! I am in a boot and he did a great job. He has awesome bedside manners and you will love him, I promise!

    He’s awesome! He will answer all questions you have and truly cares about You!

    Kim Logan

  • I found my experience with Dr. Menke and his staff to be very pleasant. He is prompt, attentive, efficient and informative. I too like that he is young and at the top of his profession but equally important is that he impressed me as being sincere; easy to talk to, and he is a doctor willing to listen. Finally the office doesn’t overbook and Dr. Menke promptly sees his patients. 🙂 His staff is very personable and helpful too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Menke.

    Brittany Smith

  • I have worn custom orthotics my entire life, and recently I have been experiencing chronic ankle pain. I went into da Vinci and the staff fit me in right away. Dr. Allison Menke took the time to show me on my x-rays what exactly was the cause of my pain. She also gave me a cortisone injection in the inflamed joint and fit me with a custom ankle brace. The treatment I received has greatly alleviated the pain I was experiencing. My experiences at da Vinici were the best that I have experience in all my years of seeing podiatrists.

    James Kratzer

  • Both Dr Chris and Dr Allison truly care about your well being. They are both hard workers and I trust both of their opinions!! So glad they are at the lake!! You walk in at your appointment time and do not have to wait unnecessary amounts of time. Love this practice.

    Marie Kent Rainey

  • I came in on a Monday on crutches with an Achilles Tendon issue caused by a prescription drug reaction, two weeks later with laser treatments, brace and TLC I am back to normal. Chris & Allison “ROCK”!!!

    Steve Kilgore

  • I have seen both Dr.s in this office and was more than pleased! Beautiful office, staff and the expertise of the Dr.s were most impressive. I highly recommend if you are in the lake country with foot or ankle needs they are the people to see! Oh and the shoes they sell are not only great for your feet but really cute too! Thank you for everything.

    Lynne McGill