Life of the Party? Party Proof Your Feet!

Life of the Party? Party Proof Your Feet!

Halloween, Thanksgiving and December Holiday’s are ON THEIR WAY! For many of us this means dancing the night away at festive parties, cooking for long hours, family reunions and hectic shopping expeditions. With all these activities our feet often take a beating. Here are our top tips for taking care of your feet during the upcoming Holiday’s.


Exfoliate Regularly – Keeping your feet smooth and soft will help you to avoid hard and dry skin build up which can often times lead to painful ‘party feet’. Use a foot scrub or pumice stone each day in the shower for best results. If your build up doesn’t seem to improve, avoid the urge to use sharp instruments on your feet. Instead, book an appointment with a podiatrist for a professional treatment.

Moisturize Daily –  Be sure to apply cream to the soles and tops of your feet daily. We recommend Dr. Canuso products and offer them in our offices. It is important to care for the skin on your feet as with any part of your body.

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Make a Frozen Water Bottle Stack – Take a few bottles of water and stick them in your freezer. After each holiday gathering, take one out and roll it back and forth underneath the arch and heel to massage tired, sore feet.

Put a Pair of Pretty Socks in Your Purse – For those parties that have music and dancing, it is always best to put your pretty shoes to the side to avoid additional pain at the end of the night. However, dancing in unknown territory barefoot is never good idea. Put a pair of pretty socks in your purse and put them on before you hit floor and dance the night away.


Heels – Wearing high heels can distort your posture by causing an increased back arch while simultaneously pushing your pelvis forward. In return, your calf muscles tighten and shorten, ultimately causing your body to over compensate for these changes. Here are our top tips if you just can’t ditch the heels for that fancy party:

Get Gel Insoles 

Give Those Heels Some Wiggle Room 

Look for a Thicker Heel

Stretch Your Feet Before & After Wearing Heels 

Buy Your Heels at Night – Our feet are most swollen at night, so purchasing heels or any shoes then will help you better detect ankle or foot pain. 

Soak, Soak, Soak – After a long night in heels, reward yourself with an easy DIY foot soak.

We hope you enjoy the weeks ahead and that you get to bask in all the Holiday goodness that you deserve! and if you’re feet begin to hurt, we’re here for you 🙂 !

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