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…and just like that…it’s SUMMER and with temperatures rising, heat related foot ailments can become more prevalent…

5 Most Common Summer Foot Problems

1) Sunburnt Feet 2) Foot Infections 3) Cracked Heels 4) Swollen Feet 5) Foot Pain
All of these summer bummers can be avoided with minimal effort. We have ALL of the products your summer feet can need in each of our office retail stores and our Doctors are available for walk-in appointments most days if any of the above occurs.

Smart Summer Gear

We carry Doctor approved, arch-supported, summer gear that specifically focuses on maintaining the foots integrity through the warm summer months! You can shop with us any day during our business hours and get professionally fitted by one of our staff members for your perfect pair of summer sandals or walking/running shoes!

If you have pain in any of the following areas, you can benefit from orthotic wear:









Doctor Approved Footwear

The physicians of Da Vinci Foot and Ankle personally hand select shoes that they consider to be the best in regards to arch support and overall foot health. We believe that Brooks Running offers the perfect balance of support and cushion to give you the right fit on every run or walk!

Learn More About Brooks Running Shoes!

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  • Rebekah DeLoach Coker

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