5 Foot Care Tips for Fall

The beginning of Fall is just weeks away, kicking off the official start of boot season. Soon the weather will be shifting as much as our wardrobes and it’s the perfect time to put some practical steps in place to keep your feet looking and feeling their best through the season.

5 Fall Foot Care Tips

1. Try on All of Your Fall/Winter Shoes 

As the cooler weather approaches, our feet can quickly feel the effects. Probably the easiest way to combat foot and ankle issues in the Fall is to try on, and examine, all of your shoes that you plan to wear. Make sure that you have enough wiggle room for your toes and the sides of your feet, notice if there is any abnormal wearing out of one side or the other, and be sure to check for cracks or holes in each pair to prevent water from coming into your shoes.

Of course, you are welcome to come into any of our Da Vinci Foot and Ankle locations to be personally fitted for your perfect pair of Vionic’s or Brooks Running Shoes.

2. Begin a Deep Moisture Routine 

Cooler weather can lead to dryness, cracking, pain and even infection. Another great way to combat the effects of weather change on the feet is to begin a deep-moisture routine. We recommend shopping our line of products in-office or creating your own blend of deep moisturizer. You can mix together shea butter and coconut oil and add your favorite essential oil for fragrance or use a couple drops of tea-tree oil as a natural anti-fungal.

3. Take a Nail-Polish Break 

In the fall, your toenails aren’t constantly on display in flip-flops and sandals like in the warmer months. It’s the perfect time of year to give your toe-nails a break from everyday polish wear. Due to the chemicals it contains, nail polish can deteriorate the nail bed overtime and cause unnecessary discoloration.


Water, Water, Water

4. Treat Yourself to Warming Foot-Soaks 

Not only will the heated water help soothe and relax chilly Autumn feet, foot soaks decrease stress and help to eliminate soreness and lactic acid buildup when coupled with massage. For one of our signature DIY foot soak recipes click here.

5. Prevent Joints From Stiffening by Hydrating

Finally, incorporating a morning foot-care routine like this will help to keep your joints mobile. Making sure to stay hydrated during the cooler months is also key to keeping your joints pain-free. Above all, drinking half of your weight in water ounces a day will greatly aid in joint mobility and keep bones from stiffening.

Incorporating these 5 simple steps will give you a head start on foot health this Fall. Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns please call one of our office locations below:

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