7 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Feet

Our feet are unfairly forgotten body parts a lot of the time. We tend to forget about intentionally washing them in the shower, we seem to become “bathroom doctors” instead of going to a professional when it comes to them and rarely do they get self-love outside of the routine pedicure (if even that for most men). The foot, however; is an absolutely amazing mechanical structure and as we would coin it at Da Vinci Foot and Ankle “a masterpiece”. Here are 7 mind blowing facts about your feet that will help you appreciate them even more.


  1. The human foot & ankle is a mechanical structure that contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments.
  2. The 52 bones in your feet make up one fourth of all the bones in your entire body.
  3. There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet.
  4. Your feet can sweat up to a half a pint of moisture every day ( read our blog here to avoid smelly shoes).
  5. The soles of your feet contain more sweat glands and sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any body part. No wonder why the feet are the most ticklish part of the body. On that same note, if your foot sensitivity lessens at any point, we advise a podiatry appointment to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues such as Diabetes.
  6. Furthermore, your feet mirror your general health. Conditions such as arthritis and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in the feet. Ailments that show up in your feet can be the first symptoms of more serious medical problems. We advise making a Doctors appointment if you notice any changes.
  7. There are over 15,000 nerves in your feet alone. Stimulating these nerves with gentle pressure can help to reduce stress all over your body. Reducing stress can aid in alleviating everything from anxiety to hormonal imbalances. Give yourself a mini foot massage each week as part of your Fall Care Routine and melt that Holiday stress away.

We hope you enjoyed these 7 amazing foot facts. They are 7 more reasons to love the feet you have. Call any of our locations below or CLICK HERE to book your next appointment at Da Vinci Foot and Ankle.

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