Benefits to Custom Orthotics- Are You a Candidate?

At Da Vinci Foot and Ankle we take somewhat of a unique approach when it comes to orthotics. We offer a variety of Red-thotics in-house which can be purchased at any of our locations and worn the same day. However, if you are looking for a more customized fit, we have advanced technology tools, such as the Jack Rabbit Foot Scanner, that scan your feet and digitally create the perfect, individualized orthotic for your condition. Whether it be flat feet, narrow arches or pelvis pain, custom orthotics give your body the alignment it needs to help prevent injury, drive home recovery and ease your discomfort!


Our over the-counter orthotics can help to alleviate minor misalignments in the foot or provide arch support to each pair of your shoes. Da Vinci Doctors can analyze your feet and pair you with the proper orthotics that you need. OTC orthotics can be worn by any individual at any age (especially the little ones in their growing years!).

Our latest digital scanning technology creates world class, custom orthotics. These offer a long-term corrective solution that actually changes the alignment of the bones in your feet, which in turn moves the ligaments and strengthens the appropriate muscles to create the ideal foot foundation for your body.

Finally, the fitting process for custom orthotics is still simple and completely painless. Also, with this new technology it is now mess-free. Our scanner captures a 3-Dimensional image of your foot that is quickly transmitted to our orthotic lab right after. Your pair of custom inserts typically arrive back in the office in 2-3 weeks for consultation and pick-up.

Why Choose Custom Orthotics

  1. Tailored to your specific needs – Every person has a different foot structure. Having an insert fitted specifically to your foot ensures that you have support in all the right places.
  2. Distributing the load – a custom orthotic can do a better job at evenly distributing the force on your feet. Because they are designed specifically according to your body and where pressure is placed, a customized orthotic can help relieve overly pressurized areas. This is especially helpful during times of injury.
  3. Balance – a custom orthotic may be able to help improve your balance and reduce your risk of injury from a fall. Our scanner is advanced in its way to build 3d images that help create an orthotic that aids with full-body balance and stabilization.
  4. Superior comfort – While OTC inserts can greatly enhance your shoe’s comfort, custom orthotics provide superior comfort and support that can only be achieved through 3-D scanning and molding. You will find yourself wanting to wear them all day long!


In addition to making each of your shoes feel better all day long, custom inserts can make a life-long impact for those who suffer from chronic pain.

If you have pain in any of the following areas, you can benefit from orthotic wear:


If you believe you are a candidate for orthotics, please make an appointment at one of our locations here. Our Doctors can help to properly diagnose your pain and suggest the perfect pair for your feet.


Foot and Ankle Telemedicine

Foot and Ankle Telemedicine

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