Da Vinci Day is TODAY – What Not to MISS!

We are THRILLED to host our very first official Da Vinci Day! Here’s what you need to know and what you CAN’T MISS OUT ON! Visit any one of our locations below and enjoy! (This is a ONE DAY SALE)

Giveaway Announcement

For the past month we have been running a giveaway and we will be announcing the winners TODAY! You will find the names of the winners on our Giveaway Page at the end of the day. Each winner will get to pick out a pair of Vionic Shoes and be personally fitted by a member of our staff!

Previous Winners!


Brooks Running Shoes

Buy any 2019 Brooks Adrenaline or Ghost and get any 2018 Brooks Adrenaline or Ghost for 50% OFF.

Vionic Shoes

We are offering up to 50% off select Vionics shoes!

25% Off ALL OTC Products

You read that right! Here are a few of our FAVORITE products to stock up on:

Dr. Canuso Products for Dry, Cracked Heels

Dr. Dana Canuso (the founder of Dr. Canuso skincare) is a Podiatric Surgeon who has devoted her time to work with world renowned chemists in creating a line of products that not only treat the problem but also their causes when it comes to cracked heels and foot repair. She created an entire brand of luxury skincare designed exclusively for the feet and we stand by it 100% at Da Vinci Foot and Ankle podiatry. Read more about it here.

The Podiatree Company Products as Anti-Fungal  & Odor Solutions 

The Podiatree Company has the mission to improve foot health with a special focus on those who suffer from Diabetes. They are so passionate about their mission that at the end of each year a portion of annual sales is donated to the Diabetes Research Institute and other non-profits alike. Their products, like Fortinia, use the finest ingredients available to combat toenail fungus while other of their products such as their shoe and insole spray kills odor with an all-natural blend of plant extracts designed to keep shoes clean and smelling their best.

Dr. Blaines Revitaderm 40 Keratolytic Emollient for Calluses 

Infused with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Tea Tree Oil for their emollient properties, Revitaderm 40 Keratolytic will retain moisture for hours where applied and help to soften even the toughest of calluses on the feet. This product utilizes Urea (40%) as its softener and begins to work immediately upon application. We offer a Doctor approved pumice stone along with this product to assist in effective, clean callus removal. 

BOGO ON ALL OTC Arch Supports


Unnatural foot posture generates a cascade of misalignment that forces each joint to make changes to accommodate this abnormal positioning.  From fixing flat feet to alleviating high arches, orthotics can help to mold your feet as they were originally intended to be and directly influence the mechanics of your body. We offer Redi-thotics in our office as our over the counter orthotics to help with shoe comfort and foot pain. We also offer custom orthotics using the latest digital scanning technology. These are a long term corrective solution that actually changes the alignment of the bones in your feet. Read more about OTC VS Custom Orthotics here. 


Don’t forget to STOCK UP on ZORPADS

NASA- TESTED Odor Blasting technology that fits in ANY shoe!

We will be offering so much more… This is an ALL DAY event so stop ANY time 🙂 We look forward to seeing you!

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