Dangers of Flip-Flops: America’s Favorite Summer Shoe

With temperatures rising, our wardrobes change significantly, and footwear is no exception. Before you grab your flip-flops, we urge you to take caution when choosing your every-day “shoes” this summer. Long term flip-flop use can not only be bad for your feet, but can also effect other parts of your body from your ankles and knees to your hips and your back . With your feet serving as the foundation for your entire body, it is important that they are supported well. It is also imperative that they be protected and fitted properly for any shoe that you wear.

Flip-flops were originally intended for short distances, such as protecting feet from the hot sandy beach. They have quickly become America’s favorite footwear and America is hurting because of it.

According to researchers who studied their use, it was found that flip-flops can actually change a person’s gait in ways that can lead to sole, heel and ankle problems.

What Makes Them Dangerous?

Scrunched Toes- Have you ever looked at your feet when walking in your flip-flops? In order to keep the footwear from falling off, every step you take, you unknowingly scrunch your toes to in essence, flop them back. This leads to shorter strides and even a slight inward angle when walking. This slight change can have a major impact over time. It can lead to plantar fasciitis, ankle pain, stressed ligaments, collapsed arches and heel pain.

Lack of Support- Most flip-flops are flimsy and don’t have any ankle or arch support built into them. Side Note- This is why we love and fully support the wear of Vionic Flip Flops at all of our offices. See them HERE.

Such lack of support can contribute to pain through the kinetic chain all the way to your knees, hips and back. This is especially relevant to those who already suffer from chronic pain in their lumbar spine.

Our Suggestions

Don’t live in your flip-flops- In other words, there is an appropriate time and place to wear them. The beach, pool, gym shower, and your backyard etc… But, don’t revert to them for long walks, vacation sightseeing, shopping etc… Ultimately don’t let them be your go-to shoes all summer.

Listen to your body- Even if you’re being smart about your flip-flop use, listen to your body as you wear them. You should address any discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, or back when you walk with your Podiatrist immediately.

Check out Vionic Footwear-  There’s no wonder why Vionic’s were named one of Oprah’s favorite footwear on her “favorite things list in 2017”. Built with perfect arch support and taking all of the above into account, Vionic has carefully curated a line of sandals that are good for your feet.

We will gladly fit you at either of our offices and assess your walk and arch support in each pair.

We hope you will use caution and good judgment when wearing flip-flops this summer. Listen to your body every step that you take!

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