Diabetes and your feet!

Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is proud to offer diabetic foot care services to our patients. There is a great importance for our patients with diabetes to take proper care of their feet. Diabetes can cause nerve damage, this damage can cause patients to lose feeling in their feet, making it difficult for them to notice small sores or injuries. In the short term, these aliments are not problematic, but can become problematic over a long period of time potentially leading to infection or possible amputation.

We encourage our patients with diabetes to take care of their feet by getting routine foot care. While most patients who receive routine foot care will come in our offices once every two to three months, it is important for patients to check their feet at home as well.

Patients can take care of their feet at home by following a few simple steps. First, be sure to check your feet daily. As mentioned earlier, patients who are diabetic are prone to nerve damage, meaning you may not feel a sore, bump, or bruise on your feet. By checking your feet daily, you are more likely to notice something unsightly and come into the office for treatment.

Keeping your feet moisturized is an excellent preventive measure that patients can do at home. Using a simple lotion once daily on your feet is very beneficial. However, when applying lotion, we encourage patients not to apply lotions between the toes. Lotion between the toes can potentially cause a fungal infection.

Diabetic Foot Care

Always wear footwear. Our doctors recommend that no patient go barefoot for an extended period, and that goes for our patients with diabetes as well. If you have any questions regarding what foot wear is right for you please contact our office. Specialty shoes for diabetic patients is another option as well. If you are interested in acquiring diabetic shoes, please contact our office.

Keep track of your blood sugar levels. Taking care of your diabetes is a very effective way to stay healthy and active. If you see any discrepancies in your blood sugar readings contact your primary care physician. While we are focused on our patient’s foot health, their total wellbeing is important to us as well. Tracking your blood sugar is an effective way to manage your diabetes.

Finally, come in the office for an evaluation of your feet. Remember foot health is the foundation for overall health and wellness. Routine foot care is an important aspect of managing your diabetes. If you have any questions regarding diabetes and foot health, please feel free to contact our offices and schedule an appointment. Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is now accepting new patients at both our Lake Oconee office in Greensboro, GA and our West Augusta office in Thomson, GA.