Did Nordstrom Sell Out? We Carry Vionic’s!

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, the summer Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a close runner up. The only problem is with its popularity, items sell-out within hours and it’s tough to get your hands on those shoes you’ve been eyeing if you aren’t at the computer ready to click “purchase” when the clock strikes 12.

With Vionic shoes being a hit this year, there’s no wonder why so many of them sold out during this Nordstrom sale leaving many disappointed customers. After all, who isn’t eager to buy “Oprah’s favorite shoes”!?

We have good news! Da Vinci Foot and Ankle carry’s Vionic’s in all styles and sizes at both of our locations and we aren’t sold out! Skip the Nordstrom lines this year and shop with us. We will give you a personal shopping experience in-office and fit you properly with your perfect pair of shoes!

Why Vionic’s?

Vionic shoes provide essential stability and comfortable support. With a contour seamlessly engineered into each shoe, sandal and slipper. Vionic’s help support natural alignment from the ground up and their technology gives you the ability to have orthotic comfort in your favorite shoes.

Natural Alignment Technology

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Elevated Support Technology

Furthermore,Vionic’s elevated support technology gives you comfort and style in Vionic wedges and heels.

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In addition to offering care, ‘Da Vinci Foot and Ankle’ is pleased to carry the Vionic shoe brand. Stop by this week and we will personally fit you for your perfect pair of Vionic shoes. Skip the Nordstrom lines this year and shop with us! 


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