Most Flattering Foot and Leg Poses for Pictures

Most Flattering Foot and Leg Poses for Pictures

With Spring Break on its way, Easter coming up and BBQ season approaching, it’s inevitable that you’ll be asked to be in a plethora of photos whether you want to or not. To some of you, “Let’s put this on Facebook!”, just makes your stomach drop. Proper foot and leg placement is key when taking group (or single) photos. Do these foot and leg poses and go from super insecure to super model with just a few tweaks.

Most Flattering Foot & Leg Poses

The Invisible Tightrope: Single file your feet, putting one foot in front of the other, as if you were to be taking your first step on a tightrope. It might feel a little awkward at first, but in photos this will elongate the front foot’s ankle, foot and leg, while giving the illusion that you’re in motion.

The Bow Leg: Turn both of your feet inward just a tiny bit and separate them about an inch keeping the back leg slightly bent and the other completely straight.

Crosses Ankles: Cross your ankles tightly and point your feet about 30 degrees away from the camera. Align your body with your ankles and feet as well.

The Perfect Profile: If you’re lucky enough to be at the end of the group in a photo or if you are taking a solo photo, position your body completely to the side and pop out the leg that’s closest to the camera almost like a flamingo. Make sure a little bit of your back is showing more than the front of you.

The Three-Quarter Twist: Have you ever seen pageant girls do their stance at the front of the stage? There’s a reason for this awkward pose. It elongates your entire body and makes your feet look pretty. All you have to do is twist your torso a little bit diagonal, cross one leg behind the other and SMILE. Make sure your front foot is straight and the back foot is angled out. Put all of your weight on the back foot.

The Stagger: Put one leg forward and one leg back. Put all of the weight on your back leg and hold the pose.


Keep all of these poses in mind when taking your next photo  and you’ll be the star of it. We wish you a happy Spring Break!

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