How to Prepare for Surgery During Covid-19

You’ve just had your final consultation with your Podiatrist and the recommendation? Surgery! It’s never the most pleasant thing to hear that surgery is your only/best option, however; surgery means that there is hope for a solution to your problem. Surgery can be intimidating and surgery during a pandemic can make things even more stressful. But, we are here to help. Save these surgery preparation tips and we guarantee your recovery will be smoother and more relaxing. If you have any questions regarding your upcoming surgery, please don’t hesitate to call our office!


1. Stock the fridge –  before your surgery, do your shopping. Whether you are a grocery pick-up, home delivery or in person type of shopper…do it before your surgery.  This also includes washing your groceries and preparing them to make stand-up time as limited as possible. Depending on the type of surgery you need, you may not be able to stand for long periods of time. Asking your friends and family members to start a meal train for you after surgery is another very helpful option.

2. If your bedroom is not on the same floor as your kitchen or your bathroom, prepare a comfortable space for yourself on the couch or somewhere close (before your surgery) so that you can avoid traveling up and down the stairs for a while. Same idea with your bathroom, if you usually shower and use a master bathroom that is upstairs, take everything you would need and transfer it downstairs to set yourself up there. Think of it as you’re staying in a hotel, in your living room.

  1. 3. Notify your employer (if applicable), of the time you will be gone from work because of your surgery. Complete any applications for short-term disability benefits that you qualify for as well.


4. Put the things you regularly use within easy reach. Stock up on books, movies, games, and anything else to keep yourself busy as you recover. This would be a great time to utilize free trials of platforms like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime if you don’t already have them.

5. Arrange for family, friends, or neighbors to help with childcare, yardwork, pet care, trash pickup, and anything else you will be unable to do during recovery. It is important that you think of these things ahead of time as you won’t want to take the risk of re-injuring yourself after surgery.

6. Stock up on masks, sanitizer, gloves and anything else that can help to combat Covid. As friends and family come to help, you want to take all measures to keep yourself and all of them safe. Having extra supplies at the door is a great way to prepare for help.

7. Covid-19 Testing – be prepared to undergo preoperative screening for Covid-19. Some Doctors and Hospitals require a negative test before surgery. Consult with your Podiatrist to see if you need one prior to surgery, and set up your appointment.

Recovering from a surgery takes time and patience. It can definitely be stressful, but following these 7 tips will help to alleviate a lot of unnecessary burden for you. If you have any questions about your upcoming surgery please contact your office below!


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