Say “Goodbye” to Foot Odor

There are 4-5 million sweat glands on the human body. Over 250,000 of those can be found on your feet. If there’s one thing we can count on it’s that foot sweat produces stink and this can be as embarrassing and offensive as public flatulence.


Why Do Stinky Feet Smell Like Cheese?

Disclaimer: some of you might not want to continue reading if you are serious cheese lovers. But, there is a reason why some stinky feet smell like cheese. One of the bacteria strains that causes the stink between your toes, is actually the very same strain that is used in the cheese creation process for soft, stinky cheeses such as Limburger and Muenster Cheese. This bacteria specifically grows in moist, salty and warm environments. And when it feeds and metabolizes, it emits the distinct cheesy odor we are all too familiar with.

5 Ways to Keep Feet & Shoes Odor Free

Here are some clever and inexpensive ways to partake in your favorite trend while keeping your shoes odor –free:

  1. Wash & Completely Dry Your Feet. When you take a shower make sure you don’t forget to lather and rinse your feet. Make sure to wash in-between your toes. To combat the bacteria, you can use an anti-bacterial soap for this part which will help eliminate any unwanted bacteria. When you get out of the shower make sure to completely dry your feet off (a step usually skipped) as it is in moist conditions that bacteria thrives & survives.
  2. Apply Foot Powder to Your Feet. Before you put your shoes on you may apply a small amount of foot powder to your foot and the inside of your shoes. This will help to absorb any unnecessary moisture and help to keep your feet dry throughout the day.
  3. Essential Oil. Drip a few drops of your favorite essential oils into your shoes to give them a refreshing smell. We recommend tea-tree oil for its anti-bacterial properties to help eradicate odor and bacteria at the same time. If you don’t want to drop the oil directly into your shoes, put a few drops on a napkin and stuff your shoes overnight.
  4. Black Tea Bags. As crazy as this sounds, black tea contains tannins, which will work to kill bacteria that lives in your shoes and therefore helps to eliminate any odor. Put two teabags in boiling water for two minutes. Let the teabags cool and dry to “damp”. Then, place the teabags in your shoes for about an hour. Be sure to place the tea-bag on something in your shoes that won’t allow the dampness to penetrate or stain your fabric.
  5. Wash Them. If your shoes are considered to be “washable”, we recommend washing them directly in the washer and dryer. If they are white, use bleach and hot water to further the results.


We are Proud to announce that Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is one of the VERY FIRST wholesale retailers of ZORPADS!  Featured on Shark Tank, these tiny, black pads have the odor destroying power of 60 sweaty wears. As if that isn’t great enough, their technology is NASA tested. You can purchase your odor solution at any of our Da Vinci Locations – No Appointment Necessary.

We hope you enjoy your month and that these solutions keep your shoes and feet odor-free all Spring long.

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