Podiatry Services

We are the true specialist in regards to foot and ankle health! With 7 years of uninterrupted and focused training on the foot and ankle, our experience is unmatched as all we practice is foot and ankle medicine. We understand the foot and ankle better than any other physician and we are current on the latest therapies in regards to the lower extremities. Podiatrist Greensboro, GA. Podiatrist Thomson, GA.

Podiatrist Greensboro, GA

Podiatrist Thomson, GA

Prior to opening Da Vinci Foot & Ankle and becoming the newest podiatrist in Greensboro, Ga, Dr. Christopher Menke and Dr. Allison Menke practiced in Metro-Atlanta for roughly 8 years. Their experience in diagnosing foot and ankle pathology and identifying effective treatments is their specialty. As they have refined their therapies, they are confident in their ability to get you back on your feet! Additionally, they offer services that no other foot doctor in the Lake Oconee, West Augusta and surrounding areas do. Dr. Allison Menke and Dr. Christopher Menke have incorporated the benefits of MLS Laser Therapy into their practice, enabling patients additional options for enhanced healing and pain relief. For foot, ankle, and leg aesthetics, we offer services including Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Removal, and Laser Therapy For Toenail Fungus to name a few. Finally, in the event that you decide on Foot Surgery or Ankle Surgery, Da Vinci Foot and Ankle surgeons perform all of their surgical procedures locally at St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Greensboro, Georgia, Putnam General Hospital in Eatonton, Georgia, and University Hospital McDuffie, Thomson, Georgia. If you are suffering from foot pain or ankle pain or are concerned about the appearance of your feet, call Da Vinci Foot & Ankle Lake Oconee (Greensboro, GA) at 706.999.9994 or Da Vinci Foot & Ankle West Augusta (Thomson, GA) at 706.597.0102.