Does your big toe ache when you try to walk? If you are experiencing pain, and you notice a bump developing on the side of your foot near your big toe, you may be dealing with the development of a bunion.

Even though they are a common foot deformity, there are misconceptions about them as many people unnecessarily suffer with pain for years before seeking treatment. Da Vinci Foot and Ankle specializes in both conservative treatments and bunion surgical options. Bunions are no respect of persons and can affect any individual. These unsightly protrusions attribute to both constant pain and cosmetic concerns.

 To fully evaluate your condition, foot and ankle surgeons Dr. Allison Menke and Dr. Christopher Menke will take x-rays to determine the degree of the deformity and assess the changes that have occurred over time. After one of our foot doctors have evaluated your particular case, a treatment plan can be developed that is best suited to your needs.

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When Surgery is Necessary 

While early treatments are aimed at easing bunion pain, they won’t reverse the deformity itself. When the pain of a bunion interferes with daily activities, it’s time to discuss surgical options with Da Vinci Foot and Ankle. Furthermore, recent advances in surgical techniques have led to a very high success rate in treating bunions, with the goal of these corrections is the elimination of pain. Together we can decide if surgery is best for you!