Custom Orthotics Scanning

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, sometimes a simple modification in your activities like selecting the right shoes can make a big difference with your overall foot health. Quality shoes can be an investment for both your feet and overall quality of life. Depending on your specific health challenges or foot issues, we can help you find the best footwear for your needs. In some cases, you may already have the right shoe but may need additional support in the form of a shoe insert such as custom orthotics.

“Many times we see patients who’ve had the right idea in purchasing shoe inserts at the drug store, however, they just don’t get the right pair. Sometimes the smallest modification or change with the arch supports can really make a difference!” – Dr. Christopher Menke

Da Vinci Foot and Ankle Custom Orthotics Scanning
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We have a variety of options for you when it comes to orthotics. We carry over-the-counter orthotics for kids, athletes, and both men’s and woman’s dress shoes. We also have the latest in digital scanning technology for custom orthotics. No more messy casting as the digital scanner captures a 3 Dimensional image of your foot that is easily transmitted to the orthotic lab. From there, the pair of custom orthotics typically arrive back in the office in 2-3 weeks.

Da Vinci Foot and Ankle Kid Orthotics

Looking to wear an open shoe with an arch support but struggle keeping it in your shoe, consider our Vionic sandals and flip-flops that have the orthotic already built in!

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