Amanda Walker

I’ve always worked in retail so I’m constantly on my feet and after a lot of pain, I reached out to Da ‘ Vinci. From the moment I spoke with the party on the other end I could tell she was a caring person, her name is Patricia. She is so caring and compassionate and did everything she could to get me an appointment as quickly as possible. When I got to the office ,which by the way is not hard to get to, I was greeted with smiles and how may we help you. The wait time was awesome approximately 5 minutes maybe less….. really! When they called me to the back I I did my x-ray and was put into a room,2 minutes later the doctor appeared. Dr. Chris Menke introduced himself ,very professional very courteous, and very knowledgeable. Chris and his sister Allison are great people I highly recommend if you have problems with your feet and ankles these people are the best. I’ve had two surgeries and I’m doing great, and the hospital OMG!!!!!!!!!!! St.Mary’s I only have 1 word IMPECCABLE!!!!! Please if you have pain in your feet and you’re tired of being in pain go see Chris and Allison they are the best!!! ??????????????? I can wear shoes again I love it!!!!!!!