Shirley Retter

I saw Dr. Menke this afternoon because of chronic pain I’ve been having in my heel for a few months. Firstly, the office is brand new, beautiful and equipped with the newest state of the art equipment. I was greeted by Tara, who is so friendly and helpful and got my paperwork taken care of quickly. Dr. Menke took his time discussing my foot issue with me and he felt it best to start by taking a few x-rays, to make sure I didn’t have a fracture in any area of my foot that could be causing the pain. Dr. Menke’s diagnosis was acute plantar fasciitis, which trust me, is extremely painful. He was so right on with everything he told me! He suggested a treatment plan and I am already feeling better! I will follow his instructions and follow up next week and continue on. Dr. Menke is professional, knowledgeable and extremely confident in his practice. I am so glad I found him! I highly recommend his podiatry clinic! YELP Review


Thank you for posting about Brooks Sneakers being carried by Da Vinci Foot & Ankle! I have seen both doctors there for my Planters fasciitis in the past and they are truly fabulous doctors! Your post came at a perfect time because my pair of Brooks were on their last “steps”… I went in to be fitted. Not only did I get a great pair of new Brooks, but I was fitted properly for the FIRST time! I’ve been wearing one size TOO large without even realizing it. Thank you to the great doctors and staff at Da Vinci Foot & Ankle! I think we’re lucky to have them in our community!