Toenails: Toenail Fungus

Are your nails growing abnormal? Do they appear thick and break easy or are very brittle? Have your toenails changed in color? If you answered yes to the above, you may be experiencing the common problems associated with toenail fungus. flower

Toenail fungus is a result of bacteria or naturally occurring fungus from the environment that has established a presence underneath your nail. It is difficult to determine exactly how you acquired the fungal changes but it commonly occurs after the nail has experienced any form of trauma. This may include dropping an object onto your toe, stubbing your toe, or even something as subtle as repetitive trauma from where tight shoes. Once the nail or nail bed has been disturbed from its natural state, bacteria and fungus can invade your toenail and begin to implement changes in the nail’s appearance.


  • scaling or flakiness under the nail
  • white or yellow streaks on the nail
  • a crumbling corner or tip of the nail
  • the appearance of yellow spots at the bottom of the nail
  • a distorted nail that may lift off from the nail bed
  • an odor coming from the infected nail
  • a brittle or thickened nail
  • loss of the entire nail

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Treatments for fungal toenails includes oral medications, topical medication, removal of the toenail, and now laser therapy. Oral medication traditionally was the gold standard treatment, however, the potential risks of hepatic side effects has deterred both physicians and patients from choosing this result. Oral medicine is still currently available and routine blood work is typically obtained to monitor the potential adverse effects. Topical medications include creams and lacquers that are painted on the nails daily. It is highly recommended to file the nail down regularly to before applying the topical medication for best results. In cases where the nail(s) have become very thick and or painful, removing the nail is a good option. This will enable you to remove all of the fungus at one time and facilitate new nail growth with combination therapy such as a topical medication. Removing a toenail can be done in the office setting in a matter of minutes. Laser Therapy as a treatment for toenail fungus has gained popularity in the United States over the past 10 years, as it is both safe and effective. The laser is very effective at penetrating through the toenail where it actively works on destroying the pathogens embedded in and under the nail.

Stop suffering with embarrassing toenail fungus infections that cause unsightly and brittle toenails. At Da Vinci Foot and Ankle, we can offer you multiple options to choose from, to treat your toenails. Visit us today to see what plan works best for you!

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