Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon. This is the band of tissue that is found the the back of your foot connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone.

Achilles tendonitis most commonly occurs in runners who have suddenly increased the intensity of their run or in middle-aged people who are active in sports or extra curricular activity.

Most cases of Achilles tendonitis can be treated in a non-invasive way under the care and supervision of your podiatrist. However, more serious cases can lead to tendon ruptures and do require surgical repair.

When to see a doctor

If you experience persistent pain around your Achilles tendon, call Da Vinci Foot and Ankle below for an appointment. If pain is severe or debilitating we advise you to seek medical attention immediately, as you may have torn or ruptured your Achilles

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