Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain can be attributed to a variety of things including trauma, bone spurs, arthritis, instability, flat feet, and fallen arches. Pain many times is accompanied with swelling and inflammation and oftentimes stiffness or a general lack of motion at the joint. As many times symptoms may vary in intensity, ankle pain requires prompt medical attention as treatment is crucial to preventing further damage to foot and ankle.

Causes of Ankle Pain

Common causes of Ankle Pain include trauma such as in ankle sprains, ankle fractures, and tendon trauma. An ankle sprain involves stretching or tearing of the ankle ligaments, as ligaments are the bands of tissue that connect one bone to another at the joint. The severity of an ankle sprain depends on whether the ligament is stretched, partially torn, or completely torn, as well as on the number of ligaments involved. Ankle fractures occur when the force of the injury is so great that the bone itself breaks. Tendon trauma such as an Achilles Tendon rupture will also cause a significant amount of swelling and discomfort around the ankle joint. All of these injuries can be treated conservatively or surgically and should be evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist.

Additionally, arthritis and instability of the ankle joint secondarily to trauma, flat feet, and fallen arches will commonly cause symptoms around the ankle. Arthritis due to previous injury or that associated with inflammatory conditions like Rheumatoid or Psoriatic arthritis, can cause chronic pain and swelling. Likewise, long standing flat feet and weak tendons that are important for supporting the arch can yield similar symptoms. Finally, Gout is a very common condition that presents a majority of the time in the foot and ankle joint and can be very uncomfortable.

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