Diabetic Foot Care

Da Vinci Foot & Ankles offers Diabetic Foot Care to those individuals with diabetes. Diabetes can be dangerous to your feet—even a small cut could have serious consequences and proper Diabetic Foot Care is important to take into consideration. Diabetes may cause nerve damage that takes away the feeling in your feet. Diabetes may also reduce blood flow to the feet, making it harder to heal an injury or resist infection. Because of these problems, you might not notice a pebble in your shoe—so you could develop a blister, then a sore, then a stubborn infection that might cause amputation of your foot or leg.DL3A0442

Diabetic Foot Care

To avoid serious foot problems that could result in losing a toe, foot, or leg, be sure to follow these guidelines: Diabetic Foot Health Guidelines. Additionally, one of the most important things to follow is your daily blood sugar. Keeping this number as close to 100 daily can help reduce the various negative effects that diabetes can cause. A well controlled blood sugar can improve blood flow to the legs and feet carrying important nutrients and oxygen. This helps to improve nerve function, which can translate to better protective sensation on the bottom of the foot as well as a decrease in painful neuropathy. In addition, the skin will not dry out as easily which helps to further prevent tissue damage and wound development.

Diabetes and your feet!

Just as important to maintaining a well controlled blood sugar, proper shoe gear is vital to individuals with diabetes. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to otherwise preventable pressure soars and blisters that can unfortunately lead to infections and in some cases amputations. Proper fitting shoes is vital as is a good arch support. Custom orthotics and/or custom shoes is an excellent way to keep feet supported and protected from abnormal pressure points.

If you or someone you know is concerned about their feet and proper diabetic foot care, Da Vinci Foot & Ankle physicians can help. Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is now accepting new patients at both our Lake Oconee office in Greensboro, GA and our West Augusta office in Thomson, GA. You can request an appointment here!

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