Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus

Stop suffering with embarrassing nail fungal infections that cause unsightly and brittle toenails. At Da Vinci Foot and Ankle we offer Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus with the most powerful laser that is FDA cleared for the treatment of nail fungus. The GenesisPlus is a new laser created for the safe and effective treatment of onychomycosis, or toenail fungus. Unlike many other treatment options, Genesis targets the fungus directly – at the root of the problem. This makes treatment faster, more effective, and less frustrating for patients with long-term problems. We’re proud to offer nail fungus treatment as one of the most patient-friendly options available.

Da Vinci Foot and Ankle Allison MenkeLaser Treatment For Nail Fungus (success rate of about 88%) is the preferable treatment option to eradicate toenail fungus. Standard treatment options like nail trimming, topical ointments, oral medicine, or total nail removal have their individual, unique drawbacks. Some don’t actually treat the fungus, just attempt to remove the side effects. Others need to be applied for many months, and offer low success rates. Oral medication can even lead to collateral damage like kidney or liver problems! Genesis Plus Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus  is a quick, comfortable, and simple procedure that treats the fungus immediately. The GenesisPlus Laser passes minuscule, brief pulses of light through the problem toenail allowing us to treat the fungus underneath, without an invasive procedure. The fungus is irradiated, and the surrounding nail and skin are left undamaged. The entire laser procedure will take between 15-30 minutes and most patients experience a gentle warming during the procedure. Patients find treatment quite tolerable and after treatment, you will be able to resume normal activities at once. We will provide you with prevention guidelines to follow for ideal results and by adhering to our tips, you’ll see your fungus clearing as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

At this time, laser fungus treatment is not covered by health insurance plans. Because insurance providers consider this an aesthetic procedure, they do not offer coverage. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), medical Individual Retirement Account (Medical IRA) or other medical Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical FSA), you can pay for the procedure with the allocated funds. Otherwise, payment can be made with cash, credit, or debit card. Our package includes 6 sessions though some people need more if they have a severe case of toenail fungus.

If you have any questions about laser treatment of nail fungus, or how you might pay for the procedure, simply contact us. Call us at 706.999.9994 or request a consultation online. Let’s get your nails clear and beautiful for the lake again!