KeryFlex Toenail Restoration


What Exactly is it? It’s a painless, in-office application that restores the appearance of an individual’s natural nails. This system allows us to transform damaged nails affected by fungus, defects or trauma in just one visit.

Why KeryFlex? While there are multiple technologies out there that can help improve the appearance of your toenails, we were very intentional when picking KeryFlex for our patients. Here are a few reasons why we chose KeryFlex over all others:

  • First, it delivers immediate and significant cosmetic enhancement in only ONE visit
  • It also looks and feels completely natural on the toes
  • Is compatible with human tissue and won’t irritate or cause further damage to the underlying nail
  • Allows for the remaining nail to grow out naturally
  • Due to its non-porous makeup it will not allow moisture to penetrate
  • It is unaffected by acetone, nail polishes and detergents
  • Finally, it is available in three colors: clear, natural, and opaque

How Does it Work?

Similar to a dentist bonding a tooth, KeryFlex Nail Restoration is a procedure in which a resin material is applied and hardened with a special light, “bonding” the material to the nail to restore or improve the nail appearance.

Furthermore, after KeryFlex is bound to the nail, we can smooth and shape the nail to appear natural in one single visit.

How Long Does it Take to Apply? We can complete the application of KeryFlex Bonding Agent, KeryFlex Resin, and KeryFlex Sealant, with UV light curing time included, in 15-30 minutes.


Wether you are looking for a cosmetic transformation or life changing restoration, we are confident that KeryFlex will fulfill your summer dreams to walk freely without hiding your toes in the sand.

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Da Vinci Foot and Ankle Keryflex
Da Vinci Foot and Ankle KeryFlex