Women’s Foot Care – Mothers Day 2022

In honor of Mothers Day 2022, we wanted to take a few moments to discuss women’s foot care.

There are a lot of reasons why we see changes in a woman’s feet over time. This can affect both overall health and lifestyle. Some of these include: physical activity, improper shoe gear, and pregnancy. Here are the most common foot and ankle health problems that we see in women who come into our office. If you, or a woman in your life, are experiencing any of the following ailments please refer them to our office or their closet Podiatric Specialist.

5 Most Common Women’s Foot and Ankle Problems

Morton’s Neuroma – a thickening of nerve tissue in the ball of the foot resulting from compression and irritation of the nerve. Someone with this ailment may experience stinging, burning or numbness in the affected toes.  A Morton’s Neuroma can occur from wearing shoes that have a tapered toe box or high-heels that cause the toes to be forced into the toe box unnaturally. 

Ill Fitting Footwear– We truly believe more women should be informed about the changes their feet will endure during and after pregnancy. A woman’s foot can grow almost two sizes due to swelling, weight gain and shifting bones after she goes through a pregnancy. It’s important to budget for post-pregnancy footwear and get properly fitted according to your new size and width. This will help to avoid common foot problems that occur from one’s shoes being too tight.

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Bunions- Bunion symptoms gradually begin with a stance of the big toe that becomes more noticeable over time and creates a distinctive swelling at the side of the big toe. The unlucky inheritance of faulty foot mechanics is what typically causes bunions to form first. Even though men and women can get bunions, wearing women’s shoes can certainly add to their development.

Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis- One of the more common causes of terrible heel pain (or better known as plantar fasciitis) is having an unhealthy or underdeveloped foot structure, although it can be exacerbated by not wearing supportive shoes like flip-flops and ballet flats. 

Ankle Sprain- While anyone can sprain their ankle, women, especially those wearing heels, are particularly susceptible to this injury. 

Please reach out to our office if you or a loved one is experiencing any of the above. As always we are here to help! Happy Mother’s Day this week to all of the Mom’s out there. You deserve nothing less than the best!


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