5 Big Toe Bummers – Common Causes of Big Toe Pain

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Our big toes are a surprisingly sensitive part of our bodies. Even the tiniest problem can cause us terrible pain. In this blog, we’re going to give an overview of some of the most common causes of big toe pain and their solutions. 5 Big Toe Bummers Ingrown Toenails An ingrown toenail happens when the […]

Back to School Foot Health – Guidelines for new shoes

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Here we are again, quickly approaching the start of a new school year. Teachers are prepping, parents are shopping and kids are, well, GROWING. From toddlers to high school students, the one thing we can count on is that their feet have grown since the year before. It’s important to evaluate your children’s shoes before […]

6 Things Runners Can Do to Prevent Foot and Leg Cramps

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Foot and Leg cramps are painful muscle spasms that develop seemingly out of the blue. These muscle cramps not only interrupt your exercise, they can cause injury to the muscle fibers and lead to more serious issues down the road if they go unaddressed. From shallow breathing to dehydration, foot and leg cramps while running […]

Did Nordstrom Sell Out? We Carry Vionic's!

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While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, the summer Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a close runner up. The only problem is with its popularity, items sell-out within hours and it’s tough to get your hands on those shoes you’ve been eyeing if you aren’t at the computer ready to click “purchase” when […]

Orthotics : Are You a Candidate?

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If you’re suffering from heel and foot pain or have experienced chronic issues in your ankles, knees, hips or lower back with seemingly no solution, you may be a candidate for over-the-counter or custom-fitted orthotics. From fixing flat feet to alleviating high arches, orthotics can help to mold your feet as they were originally intended […]

Could Your Pain Be a Heel Spur?

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Waking up in the morning should be something we all look forward to. But for some of us, just the thought of our first steps out of bed could make us quiver. If you experience a sharp, stabbing sensation in your heels with each step you take, you might have heel spurs. What are Heel […]

What a Callus Really is and How We Can Help

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What Really is a Callus? A callus is an area of thickened skin that forms as a response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation. Calluses are usually pale in color or may even resemble a yellow tint. They feel harder than the skin around them and are typically less sensitive to touch. A callus […]

5 Simple Stretches for Happy Ankles

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The risk of an ankle sprain increases with age when supporting muscles weaken and there is a lack of care to stretch, engage and strengthen the ankle ligaments and structure. As dooming as this may sound, you can help prevent not only ankle sprains, but a weakening ankle system all together with simple stretching and […]