Corn Removal

Corns are a very common occurrence on toes and typically affects individuals while wearing closed shoes. Corns are the calluses that form on top of the knuckles of the individual toe joints and are usually associated with hammertoes and toe joint contractures. Additionally, deep seated corns can also develop on the bottom of the feet and cause significant pain while walking. These deep seated corns (porokeratomas) can develop any where on the bottom of the foot and don’t necessarily correlate with a bone spur or boney prominence. The size of these corns can vary from the size of a pin head to the size of a quarter. If you suffer from painful corns and have tried your own corn removal treatments with little improvements, call Da Vinci Foot & Ankle to speak with one of our foot doctors.

Corn Removal Options

There are a variety of corn removal options, both conservative and surgical. Dr. Allison Menke can recommend various prescription strength moisturizing creams to initiate corn removal, however, in some cases that may not be enough. Additional options include custom orthotics and digital gel pads to offload bony prominences. Da Vinci Foot & Ankle carries multiple over-the-counter orthotics options in addition to making Custom Orthotics in our Greensboro, GA office. An alternative to surgery, our in office MLS Laser Treatment for Corn Removal is effective at removing deep seated corns and calluses. If conservative options do not alleviate the problem, surgery performed by one of our physicians locally at St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Greensboro, GA, may be something to consider. Hammertoe Surgery typically has proven to be very effective in permanent corn removal. If you are concerned about your feet and need to speak with a foot specialist in the Lake Oconee area, call our office at 706.999.9994.

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