• “Sheila from Da Vinci is absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond for us…Very pleased with [my] whole experiment at Da Vinci”

    Emily Meyer

  • Mr. Bloodworth has been coming to Da Vinci Foot and Ankle for a while and he got some new braces for both of his feet. The braces that he was fitted with has really made a world of a difference in his balance, and he feels so much more stable walking with them. He walks so much better and not as wobbly as he was before he got them. He will now sometimes even walk without his walker! These braces have made him a lot more confident, and a lot more independent. – Melanie Allen / Caregiver

    James Bloodworth

  • I Highly recommend any laser treatment needed to be done at Dr. Menke’s office. I Received laser treatment for a severe toenail issue and it resulted in a great success. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. Thanks to all for a great job.

    Mary H. Lindsey

  • I was really pleased in all areas of treatment. Like his (Dr Chris Menke) communication. Staff was very professional.

    Irma Marshall

  • Great experience and customer service, very professional.

    Anthony Allen

  • Really thankful for Dr Menke’s availability via cell/text to ask follow up questions/concerns on my foot.

    John McLaughlin

  • All the staff at the office is always helpful, attentive and ready to assist with any requests. Dr C Menke is awesome!

    Diana Jouvin

  • For surgery, it has been a very good experience. I especially liked the care and compassion of the entire team. Dr Chris is the best.

    John Hill

  • My highest possible reference! Every aspect of this operation is clean, professional, and knowledgeable. Great surgeon!!! Thank you Dr. Chris!!! Already have recommended Da Vinci Foot and Ankle to friends and family.

    Allen Gregg

  • I had bunions on both feet and have been thinking on having surgery for more than 2 years. After a lot of research and the recommendation of some friends I decided to go to Da Vinci Foot and Ankle. I can’t be happier with my experience, I had my surgery 8 weeks ago and I am already walking normally on my sneakers! A bunionectomy is not a minor thing and the post op can be very difficult but thanks to Dr. Christopher Menke everything went really well. I got out of the boot and back to work in 2 weeks, the daily pain I was experiencing before surgery is gone and last but not least, the foot and the scar look fantastic! I had my appointment today to schedule my right foot and I can’t wait until I have it like new again. Here are some pics of my left foot before and after surgery. Thank you Dr Menke!

    Diana Jouvin

  • Dr. Chris Menke is awesome! I am in a boot and he did a great job. He has awesome bedside manners and you will love him, I promise!

    He’s awesome! He will answer all questions you have and truly cares about You!

    Kim Logan

  • I suffered a broken ankle summer 2018 … Reached out to Da Vinci foot and ankle the day of accident and they were top notch. After seeing the severe break in my ankle they did everything possible to get me into surgery as quickly as possible to repair damages(4th of July weekend) Doctors Chris and Allison are simply the best around and we are blessed to have them at Lake Oconee, very professional and act in the best interest of the patient. In my scenario I had to have 9 screws and a plate put in my ankle during surgery, they were very detail oriented and re-assuring of my recovery from this injury. I strongly encourage everyone to visit their office with any foot or ankle issue.


  • I had been having severe foot pain for months due to a wart on the bottom my foot. I tried unsuccessfully to treat the problem with over the counter medicine and even a tried a prescription remedy from another clinic but nothing was effective. I had finally had enough and called Dr. Chris Menke. After describing my symptoms and the level of pain I was experiencing, Dr. Menke worked me into the schedule that day and with one office visit, I am now pain free. While I was there, I inquired about the Brooks line of shoes and left with the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn (Ghost 10). I cannot say enough about quick response and the level of professionalism that I received from Dr. Menke and the team from Da Vinci. Thank you Dr. Menke.

    Joe Bumgarner

  • It’s absolutely a life changing experience when you can walk 6 feet without pain. Thank you Dr. Menke!

    Freda Diaz

  • I have already told several friends how great how great Da Vinci is. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Allison Menke and Da Vinci to anyone in need of their services. Thank you so much!

    Cynthia Cowles

  • I saw Dr. Menke this afternoon because of chronic pain I’ve been having in my heel for a few months. Firstly, the office is brand new, beautiful and equipped with the newest state of the art equipment. I was greeted by Tara, who is so friendly and helpful and got my paperwork taken care of quickly. Dr. Menke took his time discussing my foot issue with me and he felt it best to start by taking a few x-rays, to make sure I didn’t have a fracture in any area of my foot that could be causing the pain. Dr. Menke’s diagnosis was acute plantar fasciitis, which trust me, is extremely painful. He was so right on with everything he told me! He suggested a treatment plan and I am already feeling better! I will follow his instructions and follow up next week and continue on. Dr. Menke is professional, knowledgeable and extremely confident in his practice. I am so glad I found him! I highly recommend his podiatry clinic! YELP Review


    Thank you for posting about Brooks Sneakers being carried by Da Vinci Foot & Ankle! I have seen both doctors there for my Planters fasciitis in the past and they are truly fabulous doctors! Your post came at a perfect time because my pair of Brooks were on their last “steps”… I went in to be fitted. Not only did I get a great pair of new Brooks, but I was fitted properly for the FIRST time! I’ve been wearing one size TOO large without even realizing it. Thank you to the great doctors and staff at Da Vinci Foot & Ankle! I think we’re lucky to have them in our community!

    Shirley Retter

  • I love MY Brooks! When I was getting ready to train for my first St. Jude Half Marathon almost three years ago (power walking… don’t be too impressed…not a runner :-), I went to Atlanta to be fitted for the correct shoe and tried a multitude of shoes. Fell in love with Brooks brand. This was before I knew about Da Vinci Foot and Ankle. Since discovering Da Vinci, I now go there for Vionic sandals and will use Da Vinci for my next pair of Brooks! Great staff and Drs. So thankful we have them in our community!

    Jane Preston

  • Dr. Christopher Menke and his staff were exceptional and accommodating! I called in with a severely inflamed and infected toe. They worked me in to their busy schedule, were considerate of my pain and comfort level, and addressed the issues right away. The facility and equipment are state of the art, and I was highly impressed by the service and professionalism!

    Katie O’Quinn

  • My time at Da Vinci was well spent. I had toe nails that were too thick and unsightly. After laser treatments, the doctor and I were better pleased with thinner, healthier nails

    Dorothy Long

  • I met Da Vinci Team and Dr. Menke on Friday and the office staff were very friendly, environment was most receptive. Atmosphere and understanding your needs seemed to be important. I had went to a previous podiatrist who did not do what I deemed were important. However, my pain continue to grow until I could not hardly walk. Thanks to Dr. Menke, I walked in and explain my situation and the problem was resolved. Just the atmosphere and attitude and knowledge from the team were very professional. Five stars is the highest on this review but worth much more. It took me almost two hours from my job to get there but it was worth it. Thank you Da Vinci Foot and ankle and Dr. Menke and team. Excellent service, no compliant at all. Believe me, if they would not have been the people described above, I just would not have said anything. I WILL BE GOING BACK FOR FOLLOW UP AND TO CONTINUE MY TREATMENT AT THIS FACILITY. WASN’T SURE WHICH ONE WAS CLOSER BUT IT WAS WORTH IT FOR ME!!!!THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND WILL SEE YOU GUYS SOON!

    Brenda Mountain

  • I am amazed at how easy the post-op has been and how little pain I have experienced. I would recommend St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital and I have already recommended Da Vinci Foot and Ankle to friends and family. Great Job!

    Nancy Tkaczuk

  • I came to Da Vinci Foot and Ankle to address a large bunion on my left foot. I was planning a long hiking trip and needed my feet in good shape. After Dr. Allison evaluated my feet she recommended a change in orthotics. I already had a pair of custom orthotics, so I was a little skeptical, but upon trying my new custom orthotics that she had ordered me for a few weeks; I was convinced it was the best move.

    Last August I completed 221 miles carrying a 45 lb. backpack on the John Muir Trail in the High Sierra’s. The only part of my body that did not hurt were my feet! Thank you so much Dr. Allison.

    David Lefevre

  • Thank you so much for getting me in for an appointment promptly.  Your entire office staff were kind and attentive.  I wish all medical professions could take lessons from y’all.
    Have a very Merry Christmas
    Thanks again – Bubba


  • After my surgery my foot feels 100% better than it did prior to. Thank you so much Dr. Chris for giving me my freedom of walking back., God Bless You and keep up the Marvelous Work!

    Erica Randolph

  • Both Dr Chris and Dr Allison truly care about your well being. They are both hard workers and I trust both of their opinions!! So glad they are at the lake!! You walk in at your appointment time and do not have to wait unnecessary amounts of time. Love this practice.

    Marie Kent Rainey

  • I came in on a Monday on crutches with an Achilles Tendon issue caused by a prescription drug reaction, two weeks later with laser treatments, brace and TLC I am back to normal. Chris & Allison “ROCK”!!!

    Steve Kilgore

  • I have seen both Dr.s in this office and was more than pleased! Beautiful office, staff and the expertise of the Dr.s were most impressive. I highly recommend if you are in the lake country with foot or ankle needs they are the people to see! Oh and the shoes they sell are not only great for your feet but really cute too! Thank you for everything.

    Lynne McGill