Month: November 2019

Avoid Gout This Thanksgiving

An amazing array of foods, a few drinks and watching an epic game of football might be your perfect Thanksgiving day, but it could also be the perfect recipe for gout. With Thanksgiving kicking off this week, and family gathering, it could be easy to forget about the risks and triggers of gout when you’re […]

4 Non-Traditional Ways to Get 15 Minutes of Exercise

With Thanksgiving being just a week away and the brand new year beginning in just over a month, there’s no better time to get that heart rate pumping and set yourself up for the health and wellness your body deserves. For many of us, getting into a solid exercise routine is difficult. Some of you […]

Diabetic Foot Care

Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is proud to offer diabetic foot care services to our patients. Diabetes can cause a plethora of damage to the body including nerve damage. This damage can cause patients to lose feeling in their feet, making it difficult for them to notice small sores or injuries incurred during the day. […]

Thankful for Feet

Does anyone deem November their “favorite month of the year”? While we love summers by the lake and winters near the fireplace, there’s just no better time to scream out how thankful we are for each  of our wonderful patients than the month of thankfulness. WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU (could you hear us screaming […]