Month: August 2019

6 Foot Care Tips for Fall

The beginning of Fall is just weeks away, kicking off the official start of boot season. And can we get a round of applause that it’s the last week we need to endure without weekend football? Soon the weather will be shifting as much as our wardrobes and it’s the perfect time to put some […]

Who You Gonna Call? Gout Busters!!!

So you just got through the first week of “back to school” craziness and BAM you’re struck with a terrible case of GOUT! The onset is sudden, painful and nearly debilitating. How did this happen? What can you do? Keep Reading! What is Gout? Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis that occurs when uric […]

Tips For Teachers 2019

Students aren’t the only ones heading back to school this week and finalizing their shopping lists. If you’re a teacher, this week is filled with meeting new students, re-shopping for the things you forgot on your list and very long hours on your feet. According to Dr. Ronald Lepow, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor, […]

7 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Feet

Our feet are unfairly forgotten body parts a lot of the time. We tend to forget about intentionally washing them in the shower, we seem to become “bathroom doctors” instead of going to a professional when it comes to them and rarely do they get self-love outside of the routine pedicure (if even that for […]