DIY Foot Soak for Sore and Achy Feet

Do you have cramped, sore, achy feet? Do you deserve a little extra “me time” today? Then, this amazing DIY Foot Soak is the solution for you!  Keep reading for the ingredients and directions to create the ultimate foot soak for tired feet. 

About the DIY Foot Soak Ingredients:

The ingredients needed to make this relaxing foot soak work together to soothe your tired feet, exfoliate the skin, and flush out the lactic acid build up that can be causing you pain. The lemon and green tea work to detoxify and exfoliate the skin. The essential oils arouse the senses and contain properties that can lower blood pressure and calm your nervous system. Finally, the last ingredient you need is epsom salt. The main component of epsom salt is magnesium, which is known to relieve muscle aches and pains and has been found to get rid of soreness and muscle tension.


? 1/2 cup of Epsom salt
? 4 drops of lavender essential oil
? 1 lemon (sliced)
? 2 drops of peppermint essential oil
? 1 green tea bag


First, fill a large bowl or basin with very warm water (be careful not to burn yourself or your feet during the process). Next, add in your 1/2 cup of Epsom salt and stir this mixture until it is dissolved. After this, you can add in the essential oils, the sliced lemon (squeeze the juice into the bowl first), and the green tea bag. Finally, soak your feet in the bath for about 20 minutes. We recommend positive thinking and letting go of the cares of the day while you sit and indulge, as this will optimize a fuller body experience.  After completing your soak, immediately give your feet a rinse and mini-massage focusing on any leftover tension.

We hope you will set aside some extra time in your week to pamper yourself. After all, you deserve it!

(Soak, Rinse & Repeat 2 -3 times a week) 

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