Orthotics & Arch Supports

Da Vinci Foot and Ankle puts high priority on the health and wellbeing of all our patients. To promote a healthy life, it is important to start at the bottom, with healthy feet. When it comes to our bodies, the feet play a very important role. Your feet are the support of the body and to continue that support at a high rate throughout a lifetime, we must give them a little care as well. Without proper foot support, such as when using orthotics, other health issues may arise including lower back and hip pain. These are just a few issues that can easily be avoided with proper footwear.

Your feet have an important job, to support your body through all your daily activities. The part of the foot that bears the major burden of the work is the arch. A simple way to keep those arches happy, is to provide them with the support they need. Having proper arch support in your selected footwear is a non-invasive remedy to many foot care problems.

Orthotics and Arch Supports
Orthotics and Arch Supports Da Vinci Foot and Ankle


To maintain proper foot health, we encourage our patients to wear proper, supportive foot wear. We offer our patients a variety of options at both of our practice locations. Redi-thotics are prefabricated orthotics that can fit right into many of your athletic and or professional shoes. Redi-thotics provide the arch and heel support necessary to alleviate foot pain and prevent any future aliments that may occur due to lack of proper support. We are also proud to be able to offer custom molded orthotics. The benefit of the custom orthotics is the individualization they provide for the patient’s foot. In office, we scan or mold patient’s feet and send those scans to a lab, where each orthotic is made personally and professionally for that patient. Many of our patients have experienced positive results with one or more of our foot support products. Simple changes to footwear can decrease the rate of more invasive or surgical options down the road. Read more here about our Custom Orthotic Scanning.

In addition to the orthotic options, we also carry Vionic shoes. Vionic is a stylish shoe brand that has the orthotic built right in to the shoes. Vionic shoes offer an Orthaheel technology that offers great heel support, as well as promoting alignment. As our patients need to keep their feet happy and supportive, we carry many different styles that keep them coming back for a second, and sometimes third pair!

If you find yourself experiencing reoccurring foot and/or heel pain, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our doctors. We can assess the issue and offer different resolutions to your foot care problems. Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is accepting new patients at both our Lake Oconee and West Augusta locations.