Super Bowl Foot Recovery

Did you spend last night standing while you watched the Super Bowl? Sometimes we stand for long periods of time when we are having fun and don’t even realize the strain we’ve put on our feet until the next day. If you woke up this morning with achy, tired feet here are 7 quick relief tips to eliminate the pain.

7 Tips to Relieve Your Feet

Step 1 Take a dose of over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation of your feet.

Step 2 Roll a cold or frozen water bottle under your feet with moderate pressure for about 20 minutes. Do this 3 or 4 times a day to reduce pain and to roll out those tight muscles.

Step 3 Sit or lie down with your feet elevated for 15 minutes to help reduce swelling.

Step 4 Cross your foot over the other leg’s knee while seated. Grab the toes and gradually pull them toward you to stretch the plantar fascia. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds once you’ve pulled your foot back as far as you can. Repeat the stretch with the other foot, and do this for each foot 20 times.

Step 5 Insert over-the-counter arch supports into your shoes for the day. This will help to minimize the shock impact on your feet while you try to recover.

Step 6 Treat yourself to a soothing DIY foot soak. If you missed our step-to step guide to one of our favorite foot soaks click here:

Step 7 Drink Water and then drink some more! Many times we don’t realize when we are on the verge of dehydration until it’s already happened. After a long night of eating food off of our normal diet, yelling at the TV and standing for a long period of time, replenishing your fluid will help aid in FULL body relief, including your feet.

While some of you are rejoicing today about the Eagle’s WIN and others of you are sorely disappointed, we hope at least all of you can have a good foot day!

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