Diana Jouvin

“I had bunions on both feet and have been thinking on having surgery for more than  2 years.  After a lot of research and the recommendation of some friends I decided to go to Da Vinci Foot and Ankle.  I can’t be happier with my experience, I had my surgery 8 weeks ago and I am already walking normally on my sneakers!  A bunionectomy is not a minor thing and the post op can be very difficult but thanks to  Dr. Christopher Menke everything went really well. I got out of the boot and back to work in 2 weeks, the daily pain I was experiencing before surgery is gone and last but not least, the foot and the scar look fantastic! I had my appointment today to schedule my right foot and I can’t wait until I have it like new again.  Here are some pics of my left foot  before and after surgery. Thank you Dr Menke!”