Bunion Surgery

Let’s Talk Bunions

Wether it’s sandal season or boot season, bunions are painful and unsightly. Sometimes they can form so slowly that one day you’ll just look down and you’ve got a huge protrusion from the side of your foot!  Some people suffer for years before seeking professional treatment for their bunions. Da Vinci Foot and Ankle specializes in […]

Tailors Bunion – How We Can Help!

TAILOR’S BUNION Tailor’s Bunion, also called a bunionette, is an enlargement of the fifth metatarsal bone at the base of the little toe. Why is it called a tailor’s bunion? Centuries ago, tailors sat cross-legged all day with the outside edge of their feet rubbing on the ground which caused a painful bump to form at […]

Bunion Surgery – Is it right for you?

Do you or someone you know suffer from painful bunions? While they’re a quite common foot deformity, people unnecessarily suffer with pain for years before seeking treatment. Da Vinci Foot and Ankle specializes in both conservative treatments and bunion surgical options to effectively correct and eliminate painful bunions. Do You Have a Bunion? Bunions can form in individuals […]