Spring Break Hazards and Da Vinci Tips


Blisters, Swelling and Foot Pain, Oh My! Spring Break is finally upon us here in Georgia and we are all too eager to give you tips to help you avoid the most common spring break foot hazards before you celebrate!  There’s nothing worse than coming back from break with great memories, but hurting feet. Keep these tips in mind this year and let your feet enjoy a break as well.

Hazards & Da Vinci Tips

Spring Break Hazard: Foot Swelling
Feet and ankles often experience what is called “pins and needles numbness” or swelling during long flights or drives. This is usually due to a lack of circulation.
Da Vinci Tip: If you are traveling for more than 2 hours, make sure to stretch your legs, do ankle rolls, and bend your knees several times per hour. This will help with circulation, stiffness, blood clots and swelling. Flex, extend and contract your muscles and often as you can.

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Spring Break Hazard: Sunburn
So many times we overlook our feet when applying sunscreen. Feet can experience very painful sunburns and blistering when not protected under the sun.
Da Vinci Tip: Be sure to generously apply sunscreen on your feet before going outside and also frequently throughout the day, as water, sweat and walking easily rubs it off. We recommend using a natural sunscreen that is SPF 50 or above.

Spring Break Hazard: Blisters
Blisters are a very common vacation problem. Most blisters are caused by shoes that don’t fit properly, which leads to friction between the shoe and the skin.
Da Vinci Tip: Prevent blisters from ruining your spring break fun by wearing comfortable, supportive shoes that fit properly (of course we recommend Vionic’s, see why here). You should also be sure to bring several pairs of shoes on vacation so you can frequently switch them out if one begins causing problems. If you plan to wear new shoes for your break, always wear them a few days prior to vacationing so that you can see how they will affect your feet. Blisters are also formed through excessive sweat and friction. We suggest bringing some type of foot powder with you on vacation and applying it frequently to avoid this.


Spring Break Hazard: Beachside Boo-Boo’s
If you plan to hit the water this year, always take caution when first entering any lake, pool, ocean or other water source. Things like broken glass, sharp rocks and stinging jellyfish can cause scrapes, cuts and injuries that are vulnerable to waterborne bacteria that can cause infections and foot injuries.
Da Vinci Tip: You can cut back on the chances of serious foot injuries by wearing protective water shoes. Always look where you’re stepping when in water, and if you incur an injury or scrape, treat and cover it immediately with gauze or a bandaid to protect it from further exposure to elements.

Last But Not Least,

Bring an Emergency “Foot Kit” in Your Carry On or Purse
Even with the right shoes, mishaps such as blisters or splinters can occur. Pack a foot health kit in your carry on or purse just in case. Include a small and medium sized bandaid, an antibiotic cream, bunion pads, nail filer, baby powder and toenail clippers.

We hope you have a wonderful Spring Break and look forward to seeing you when you get back! Just remember, healthy feet don’t happen by LUCK, they happen by appointment!

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