Freedom From Foot Odor

Did you know that there are 4-5 million sweat glands on the human body?  250,000 of those can be found on your feet. If there’s one thing we can count on it’s that foot sweat produces stink and this can be as embarrassing and offensive as public flatulence. SCROLL DOWN TO LEARN ABOUT ZORPADS! WHY DO STINKY FEET SMELL […]

Give the Gift of Relief to Dad

If you have a loved one who experiences foot or ankle pain, here are some of our favorite ways to give the “gift of relief” to them. From pamper products to foot support, we carry it all. Psst…Father’s Day is right around the corner! 5 OF OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS THAT YOU CAN GIFT Dr. Canuso […]

Women’s Foot Care – Mothers Day 2022

In honor of Mothers Day 2022, we wanted to take a few moments to discuss women’s foot care. There are a lot of reasons why we see changes in a woman’s feet over time. This can affect both overall health and lifestyle. Some of these include: physical activity, improper shoe gear, and pregnancy. Here are […]

March Your Way From LUCK to LIFE

Clear toenails don’t happen by luck… THEY HAPPEN BY APPOINTMENT! Toenail fungus has the potential to wreak havoc on your life. Apart from being unsightly and embarrassing, it can also cause pain and discomfort over time. At Da Vinci Foot and Ankle we offer Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus with the most powerful laser that the […]

6 of Da Vinci Foot and Ankle’s MOST LOVED PRODUCTS

We couldn’t let Valentine’s Day come and go without sharing our most loved–Doctor Approved- products. At Da Vinci Foot and Ankle our Podiatrists carefully hand select every product and footwear option that is offered at each of our locations. When it comes to treating our patients, we have a high standard of care and filter everything […]

Da Vinci Tips to Reverse Ageing on Your Feet

When most people think of anti-aging, they think of protecting and reversing the signs of age on the outer appearance of their skin. In most cases, one would think about their face, neck and hands. But have you ever thought about the effects of aging on your feet? More importantly, how to protect your feet […]

Diabetes Awareness Month – Guidelines and Preventative Care

Da Vinci Foot and Ankle is proud to offer diabetic foot care services to our patients. Diabetes can cause a plethora of damage to the body including nerve damage (also referred to as neuropathy). This damage can cause patients to lose feeling in their feet, making it difficult for them to notice small sores or injuries incurred […]

From Frightening to Beautifully Clear- Toenail Fix in 1, 2, 3…

With it being Halloween month, there are many scary costumes out and about that might give you the creeps. But is there anything really scarier than Halloween-ish toenails?! We’re talking about damaged, discolored and flaky nail beds that won’t seem to grow back or get better no matter what you do. While Halloween is the […]

Know a Teacher? Are a Teacher? Here are our Tips for the School Year

Students aren’t the only ones heading back to school this month and finalizing their shopping lists. If you’re a teacher, this month is filled with meeting new students, re-shopping for the things you forgot on your list, navigating the new world of Covid-19 in the classroom and very long hours on your feet. According to […]

Benefits to Custom Orthotics- Are You a Candidate?

At Da Vinci Foot and Ankle we take somewhat of a unique approach when it comes to orthotics. We offer a variety of Red-thotics in-house which can be purchased at any of our locations and worn the same day. However, if you are looking for a more customized fit, we have advanced technology tools, such […]