5 Big Toe Bummers – Common Causes of Big Toe Pain

Our big toes are a surprisingly sensitive part of our bodies. Even the tiniest problem can cause us terrible pain. In this blog, we’re going to give an overview of some of the most common causes of big toe pain and their solutions.

5 Big Toe Bummers

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail happens when the corner of the affected toenail begins growing into the soft flesh surrounding it.

This can lead to symptoms like pain, swelling, redness, and even an increased risk of infection. In the event you happen to notice pus or spreading redness, or you have severe pain in the area, it is important to contact one of our Doctors at Da Vinci Foot & Ankle and request an appointment for the professional treatment you need. Whereas this condition can technically happen to any of the toes, it is most frequently experienced in the big toe.

At Home Remedies

  • Soak your foot in a basin of warm water for 15-20 minutes. If you have any tea tree oil we suggest a couple of drops into the water as this is an all natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
  • After soaking, place a fresh bit of waxed dental floss under the edge that has become ingrown and once the “extra” toenail edge is revealed, trim it with sanitized nail clippers.
  • Use antibiotic ointment immediately following this on the full area, and bandage it properly .

When home treatment is insufficient, or your ingrown toenail is not in its very beginning stage, professional treatment is necessary. We provide treatment for ingrown toenails which includes lifting the nail, partial nail removal and, for recurrent cases, even removing the affected nail tissue altogether.


Although not confined to the big toe, corns can be an incredible frustration when it comes to the big toe area. A hard corn occurs when excess skin grows as a result of excess pressure. This is typically due to ill-fitting footwear. While corns are usually harmless they are painful and can be easily treated by one of our professionals.


Calluses, on the other hand, is an area of thickened skin that forms as a response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation. Calluses are usually pale in color or may even resemble a yellow tint. They feel harder than the skin around them and are typically less sensitive to touch. A callus will commonly appear where the skin frequently rubs against something such as footwear or hard surfaces. For callus remedies click here.


A bunion is a painful swelling at the base of the big toe. They are generally thought to be genetic and/or formed due to improper footwear, however; there is no concrete conclusion on what causes them.

Bunions can be extremely painful and can prevent even the most active of people to move very far. There are many treatment options for bunions including: bunion pads, orthotics, and special ice-packs. If all else fails, surgery may be required to correct the issue once and for all. If you are struggling with a painful bunion, please call one of our offices today (information is below).


Gout occurs when there is an excessive amount of uric acid in the body. Over time, this uric acid crystalizes and hardens causing extreme pain in the middle of the big toe. While gout does not pose the threat of a major complication, it can prevent a good quality of life. Gout can be treated by one of our Podiatrists at Da Vinci Foot and Ankle with multiple treatment options. From anti-inflammatories to injections that can lower your levels of uric acid, we’ve got you covered.

These are just some of the most common big toe bummers. Fortunately, they are nothing to worry about and can be treated to a complete healing. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above to no avail, contact one of our providers via the information below.


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