7 Ways to Avoid Athlete’s Foot

This month summer officially begins and with warmer temperatures comes less protection for our feet. With many of us visiting public beaches, pools, gyms and more frequently walking around barefoot, there is a greater chance of contracting a nasty fungus, namely: athlete’s foot.

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a highly contagious fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet. It can also spread to the toenails and the hands if not addressed efficiently and handled with care.

Athlete’s foot isn’t too serious, but sometimes it is very difficult to cure. Read our blog here to learn about why foot and toenail fungus is so hard to kill. If you suspect that you have athlete’s foot please set up an appointment with us immediately for consultation.

7 Ways to Avoid Athlete’s Foot

Here are seven ways you can effectively avoid athlete’s foot this summer and for years to come:

  1. Wash your feet when showering. Sometimes it’s so easy to overlook our feet when showering. It is important to wash them thoroughly, even between the toes, each and every time you shower.
  2. Dry your feet and toes completely. It is important to dry your feet (including in between each of your toes) completely after getting them wet. Fungus loves to live in moist places and will thrive if given the environment.
  3. Avoid walking barefoot in public places. This is one of the most common ways to catch a fungal infection. Walking barefoot in a communal area such as a gym locker room or dorm shower should always be avoided.
  4. Use foot powder. Using foot powder on your feet and in your shoes will not only keep odor at bay, but it will always absorb any extra moisture creating an unpleasant environment for fungus to live in.
  5. Alternate your shoes. If you sweat a lot and don’t rotate shoes often, there is a greater chance that you can develop a fungal infection right from underneath you. It is important that you alternate your shoes every day to make sure they are dry and well ventilated.
  6. Do not share shoes or towels with others. Never share towels, toenail clippers, shoes, or socks with others. Even when trying on shoes at the store, it’s important you protect your feet by wearing your own socks or the stocking socks they supply.
  7. Bring your own tool-kit to the salon. In addition to some having a lack of cleanliness, many salons do not sanitize their equipment properly between clients. Additionally, when pedicurists cut your cuticles, they leave your skin open to infection. We suggest purchasing a personal grooming kit to bring with you to your salon appointment. We also advise that you never go to a nail salon that doesn’t use disposable liners.

Keep these 7 tips in mind each day this summer and you’ll set yourself up for fungus-free success! If you suspect you have contracted a foot fungus we are well-equipped with the latest technology to help you eliminate it. Read about how here.

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